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All good products have

In this Internet Age, Being close to your user need some form of technology. And it's landscape is filled with courses, obstacles and pitfalls. We are trying to be a guiding light throught it all

Let's make something great together

Simbotix is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Tech, no matter, who makes it has to serve a set of functions for a user and we are here to make it happen on your behalf.

Making use of already existing services means less Unwanted features, less OS dependencies, faster time to market, better focus on business from all the data that is coming your way.

  • cloud


    Any Cloud of your choice, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, OpenWhisk.

  • devices_other

    Varied Platforms

    Making use of Atomic Design solves a lot of problems for us.

  • device_hub

    Modular & Distributed

    Distributed and Independent components that work in tandem with each other as a well connected system.

  • memory

    Internet of Things

    Every thing around us is filled with iOT, we just don't see it yet.

It’s very easy to be different

At Simbotix, We strive to be consistent

  • Simplicity

    Building things simple to use are way more difficult that complex systems.

  • D-R-Y

    Do not Repeat yourself is the underlying moto behind us all even it is for systems or code

  • Ux

    User Experience determines the system usage on a regular basis

  • "Do The Work"

    Moto borrowed from a mentor, Sam Ovens , but well imbibed in our DNA.

  • Make an Impact

    Working on things that make a difference in people's life, One-a-Time

  • Enable a better World

    This one belongs to our kids, we are just the watchers on the wall