Reach your market faster

Don’t explain how it works,

let them show you how they use it

why are WE waiting

At simbotix we build low maintenance apps that scale automatically with minimal supervision.

A profound solution like that is a whole new ball game,
and we are here to handle it on your behest.

  • Mobile Apps

    Android, iOS or React-Native, We are game

    Website and WebApps

    Anything between vanilla landing pages to complex frontends


    Simple and Modular just like legos, put in some, remove some

  • AWS

    A pioneer that has the potential to scale to support your imagination


    No servers? Nope nothing like that, just radically less overhead & cost


    Internet connectivity into physical devices & everyday objects

  • Analytics

    The questions to be answered "Who", "What" & "where"


    Driving feedback by engaging users on a regular basis

    Fancy Stuff

    Blockchain, VR, chatbots, we are game


Currently we are in stealth mode, muddying the waters where we strongly believe we could make a dent.

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